AN Historic Milestone

Giant Eagle Locations

Wandering Spirits Now In Giant Eagle Locations

 A New Era

Welcome to a groundbreaking era for both craft alcohol enthusiasts and grocery shopping aficionados in Pittsburgh. Wandering Spirits is proud to announce its historic expansion, bringing privately-owned spirits shops within Giant Eagle grocery stores across the city. This monumental journey begins with the West Mifflin location, marking a significant turning point as Pennsylvania experiences its first-ever integration of a private spirits shop within a grocery store setting.


1. Giant Eagle - Century III, West Mifflin
2. Coming Soon
3. Coming Soon

Unveiling a New Chapter

Wandering Spirits is not merely opening a shop; it's rewriting the narrative of convenience and quality. We are thrilled to embark on this historic venture, inviting you to experience an innovative way to shop for your favorite spirits while picking up groceries. Our presence within Giant Eagle stores is a testament to the evolving landscape of consumer preferences and the evolving expectations of a dynamic market.

The Giant Leap

With West Mifflin's Giant Eagle leading the way, Wandering Spirits is embracing the fusion of craft beverages and everyday essentials. Our carefully curated selection of artisanal wines, craft spirits, ciders, and brews will now be conveniently accessible to you as you embark on your regular grocery runs. Witness the transformation of your shopping experience as it transcends into a journey of exploration and discovery, all under one roof.

Making History, One Aisle at a Time

Pennsylvania has witnessed the evolution of its alcohol industry, and the inclusion of Wandering Spirits within Giant Eagle stores is the next chapter. No grocery store has ever ventured into the realm of privately-owned spirits shops until now, and we are honored to be pioneers in this historic endeavor. This innovative concept not only elevates your shopping experience but also reflects the dynamic spirit of the Keystone State's craft beverage industry.

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