Elevating Craft Spirits and Wines: Wandering Spirits' Journey

Our Story

Celebrating Independence, Craftsmanship, and Pennsylvania's Rich Flavors

Welcome to Wandering Spirits, a beacon of artisanal excellence in Pennsylvania's alcohol scene. Founded in 2021, we take pride in being the first independent, woman-owned wine and spirits shop to grace the state since the days of Prohibition. Our mission is to curate an exceptional selection that reflects the heart and soul of Pennsylvania's craft alcohol industry.

Who We Are

At Wandering Spirits, we're more than a shop – we're a movement. We've created a community for enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and seekers of authentic flavors. Here, we embrace the independent spirit that drives our partners to craft extraordinary beverages. Our commitment extends beyond commerce; it's about fostering connections, advocating for local businesses, and championing the diverse voices shaping the landscape.

Our Portfolio

With a curated portfolio encompassing over 250 exceptional products, Wandering Spirits showcases the finest creations from independent wineries, distilleries, cideries, and breweries across the commonwealth. We've meticulously handpicked each bottle, ensuring that every sip tells a story of dedication and innovation.

Explore Pennsylvania's Finest:

  • Artisanal Wines: Discover the rich tapestry of flavors woven by Pennsylvania's winemakers. From bold reds to crisp whites, our selection captures the essence of the region's vineyards.

  • Crafted Spirits: Immerse yourself in the world of craft distilleries, where spirits are crafted with precision and passion. Our collection spans a spectrum of tastes, from classic to experimental.

  • Ciders with Character: Experience the natural sweetness and complexity of local ciders, a testament to the region's orchards and dedication to quality.

  • Brewed Brilliance: Taste the creativity of Pennsylvania's craft breweries, where innovation thrives and every pint is a masterpiece.

Supporting a Movement

When you choose Wandering Spirits, you're not just purchasing a bottle – you're joining a movement to support and elevate the craft alcohol market in Pennsylvania. Every transaction reverberates through our state's economy, nurturing the growth of small businesses and celebrating their remarkable contributions. Your choice to keep things independent empowers the artisans who infuse their products with passion and expertise.

Join the Journey

As you dine in Western PA, visit local breweries, or explore farmers markets, you'll likely encounter brands from our diverse portfolio. Each interaction is a chance to embrace Pennsylvania's craftsmanship, savor its flavors, and become part of the Wandering Spirits community. Let's raise our glasses to a future where independence and quality reign.

For inquiries, collaborations, and to explore our full portfolio, please contact us.

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