Non-Alcoholic Whiskey Alternative
Non-Alcoholic Whiskey Alternative
Non-Alcoholic Whiskey Alternative

Ritual Zero Proof

Non-Alcoholic Whiskey Alternative

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BUILT FOR COCKTAILS – Our non-alcoholic whiskey alternative is specially crafted to replace traditional whiskey, one-to-one, in the drinks you already know and love. Enjoy non-alcoholic versions of classics like a Manhattan, Old Fashioned and whiskey sour.

A HEALTHIER CHOICE – The oak, smoke, caramel and comforting warmth of whiskey without the alcohol or carbs, and only 10 calories, for conscious consumption that leaves you at your best.

AWARD WINNING FLAVOR - The highest rated non alcoholic spirit whiskey alternative ever, certified 85/100 Silver by the industry standard Beverage Testing Institute. All-natural flavors of vanilla, stone fruit, and sugar floss, for a smooth body and warming heat.

DESIGNED FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE – Whether you're driving, training, dieting, parenting, staying out late, getting up early, seeking the perfect third drink or abstaining altogether.

Nutrition: 5 calories, 2g carbohydrate, 1g sugar.

Ingredients: Filtered water, cane sugar, natural flavors, xanthan gum, citric acid, caramel color, sodium benzoate & potassium sorbate as preservatives.